Careers at Mosaic Academy–School Nurse

Mosaic Academy is currently seeking to employ a part time nurse.  Applicant must be a registered nurse and willing to seek a school nurse license from the Public Education Department.   Applications will be accepted until position is filled.

Interersted individuals should review job description and requirements as well as school health manual linked here.  Information regarding licensure for a school nurse is available through the Public Education Department site here.   Applicant should complete “Licensed Application” linked below on this page.


Job Responsibilities:  Work within the school community to strengthen the educational development of the student through good health and safety. The school nurse will promote optimal student health in collaboration with the staff in order to help students and their families make responsible health decisions.

Essential Duties:

  1. Complies with all health-related policies and participates in development and site-specific implementation of procedures.
  2. Implements policies and procedures regarding control of communicable disease in accordance with regulations of the State of New Mexico Department of Health.
  3. Keeps records and delegates record keeping duties to health assistant as necessary. (i.e. immunizations, student health records, daily student log, and daily medication log)
  4. Maintains documentation and reports of activities as required by New Mexico PED Annual Report. Submits report annually (to AMSD or other entity, as requested).
  5. Authorizes and documents the justification for exclusion and readmission of students in connection with infectious, contagious and nuisance diseases.
  6. Supervises and delegates the duties of the health assistant as per New Mexico Board of Nursing regulation.
  7. Administers and/or delegates to the health assistant first aid for all students and staff.
  8. Arranges or delegates arrangement for emergency transportation of students and staff as needed.
  9. Ensures daily health room coverage during the students’ lunchtime and recess.
  10. Carries out and/or delegates routine student health screenings as required by New Mexico PED School Health Manual.
  11. Utilizes the NM State PED School Nurse’s Health Manual as the standard of care.
  12. Makes appropriate referrals based on data obtained from assessment and screening procedures.
  13. Follows up and/or delegates follow up on student health problems and makes home visits as the need arises.
  14. Monitors students taking daily medication at school and ensures proper documentation as per district policy.
  15. Coordinates school health functions with those of the city, county and state agencies as appropriate for school setting.
  16. Maintains professional licensure requirements by participating in in-service trainings, workshops, conferences and continuing education.
  17. Provides input to administration with reference to health office resources (including but not limited to supplies, personnel, health program and time management).
  18. Participates in student registration in order to ensure proper health records are obtained (i.e. current immunization records, medication authorizations and health histories).
  19. Ensures continuing education/training of the health assistant.
  20. Demonstrates leadership by working cooperatively and communicating accurately and effectively with colleagues, supervisors and administrators.
  21. Performs health-related tasks as deemed appropriate by his/her administrator.

Minimum qualifications:

    NM School Nurse License (Pre-K – 12)

Current professional registered Nurse’s license issued by the New Mexico Board for Nursing.

Current CPR and first aid certification

Desired Experience:

Work with children

Knowledge of clerical work, including computer skills


Due to the sensitive nature of this position and access to student information, the highest degree of confidentiality is required.

Submit Application to Diane Mittler, Principal at Mosaic Academy (450 Llano St in Aztec)

or via email to

Applications will be accepted until position is filled.



Non-certified personnel application


Licensed Application

Licensure Links

San Juan College Alternative Licensure program:

NM Public Education Department:

**See “FAQ” for answers to Frequently Asked Questions

**See “Licensure Pathways” link for information about requirements for various types of licenses